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The treatment spectrum of the Paudler Dental Practice is designed holistically


Zähne schützen durch Vorbeugung - mit professioneller Zahnreinigung.

What does prevention/prophylaxis entail?

Prophylaxis/prevention means just that.

Prevention is always better, less painful, and less expensive than acute treatment upon the appearance of toothaches.

Many dental problems can be avoided with good oral hygiene e.g. regular brushing and limiting sugary foods.

Diseases resulting from dental problems can thereby also be prevented.

Treatment for permanent teeth

An small extract:

  • Prevention of cavities and periodontitis through the removal of tartar and plaque
  • Instruction of proper brushing techniques
  • Professional tooth cleaning using ultra-sonic and AIR-flow techniques
  • Removal of tartar
  • Tooth sealants / fluoride treatment

Professional tooth cleaning

Die PZR bei Praxis Paudler hilft Ihre Zähne vor Karies zu schützen.

Professional dental care

Professional tooth cleaning complements your personal dental care through the use of modern equipment and procedures.

Even if you regularly and thoroughly brush your teeth, the accumulation of stubborn plaque is inevitable.

Plaque must be regularly removed in order to promote good oral hygiene.

You teeth will remain protected against dental problems such as tooth decay.

Tooth whitening

The bleaching of teeth should not be rushed. A slow treatment will project your teach. For example, we use:

  • Manual and mechanical cleaning of surface of the teeth and in between
  • Ultrasound cleaning
  • Removal of tartar
  • Removal of stubborn plaque with AIR FLOW
  • Fluoridation of the teeth

Splint therapy

Zähne und Gebiss verbessern durch die Schienen und Spangen in Erfurt.

Splint therapy - prevent grinding of teeth

Stress is currently a huge problem. Your teeth also experience stress.Especially at night stress is released throughout the entire body. While some muscles relax, others tense.

In particular, the teeth suffer from the cramping of the oral muscles, which is manifested in the grinding of the teeth.

The does not only lead to severe tooth wear but also hypersensitivity of the teeth, headaches, and problems with the muscles of the head and neck.

Treatments - focusses

By wearing a splint at night, grinding of the teeth is substantially reduced.

Your teeth and jaw - not to mention your partner - will thank you.

  • Bit control of the upper and lower jaw
  • Measurement of individual dental splints
  • Fitting of night splints
  • Regular check-ups

Manual treatment of TMJ

TMJ dysfunction

The treatment of TMJ dysfunctions is a part of the holistic treatment at the Paudler Dental Practice in Erfurt.

Neck and back pain as well as nocturnal grinding and daily cracking of the teeth often lead to jaw problems, which, in turn, can lead to headaches and migraines.

The TMJ is a key muscle and should not only be relaxed after major interventions. With the right treatment, old problems can be resolved in a short time.

Treatments - focusses

Manual TMJ treatment in the case of:

  • Accidents, diseases, and disorders
  • Regular unilateral loads

For the treatment of:

  • Kopfschmerzen im Kiefer- / Gesichtsbereich
  • Ear pain/ringing in the ears (tinitus)
  • Headaches in the jaw/facial area
  • Back and neck pain
  • Spine and joint problems

Restoration = tooth preservation

Erhalten Sie Zähne durch restaurative Maßnahmen wie Implantate.

Dental aesthetics and the protection of teeth

We aim to protect the adult teeth so that they remain healthy and beautiful for as long as possible.

For treating toothaches, we use the following approach: as good as possible but only as much as necessary. Because nothing is better than keeping your own teeth.

We can restore your teeth. This entails a restoration of your chewing systems from the gums to the teeth.

Beautiful and healthy teeth with few fillings are the result of constant and gentle dental care.

Treatment - focusses

An small extract

  • Regular diagnoses and check-ups of individual treatments
  • Periodontology for healthy gums
  • Whitening for teeth nice and clean teeth
  • Removal of cavities
  • Preservation of teeth through minimal fillings
  • Root canal treatment instead of tooth replacement
  • Inlays, ceramics, composites


Zahnschmerzen haben viele Ursachen - eine davon ist die Parodontitis.

What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis, also known as periodontal disease, is an acute or chronic inflammation of the gums or the gums (periodontium).

The tooth is not unhealthy but rather the tissue around the tooth. Next to cavities, periodontitis is a major reason for the premature loss of teeth.

Gum disease also has a negative effect on the entire body. In addition to dental problems, it also leads to an increased risk for heart attacks and stroke.

Treatments - focusses

In order to treat periodontitis, the causes must be eliminated.

  • Removal of tartar and plaque
  • Root canal treatment
  • In the case of small pockets in the gums, non-surgical treatments with antibiotics are used
  • For larger pockets, surgical treatment of the gums is required

Restorative treatment

Karies befallene Zähne können mit Füllungstherapie behandelt werden.

Maintain your teeth in a healthy condition

Restorative treatment (i.e. fillings) aims to eliminate cavities and other tooth defects and offer long-term protection.

Cavities can appear in areas of high activity or stress In addition to chewing, deposits also play a role.

 Typical areas are pits and fissures on the surface of the teeth as well as the molars.

There are several approaches to filling. However, not all are covered by health insurance.

Treatments - focusses

An small extract:

  • Removal of cavities
  • Protection of the under-filling and promotion of dentin regeneration with medication
  • Plastic filling materials such as composites, compomers, glass ionomer cements, or gold
  • Gold and ceramic inlays
  • Root canal treatment
  • Careful follow-up treatment

Root canal treatment

Bei heftigen Zahnschmerzen - Wurzelkanalbehandlung verschafft Abhilfe.

Root canal treatment - endodontics

Root canal treatment is a promising alternative to pulling teeth!

The bacterial infection found in the interior of the root can be removed manually or by machine until the inflammation subsides.

After several treatments, the root of the tooth will be filled with a bacteria-tight material.

Treatments - focusses

Tooth replacement includes the following issues, which we would like to explain to you in detail.

  • Analysis/detection of the affected tooth and its sensitive roots
  • Exposure of the root canal
  • Use of medication to calm the nerves of the root
  • Closure of the root canal with a suitable restorative treatment
  • Root tip resection

Reconstruction = dental prosthesis

Zahnersatz bei der Praxis Paudler - Qualität vom Zahnarzt garantiert.

The first choice for tooth replacement

Despite the best care, tooth replacement or dentures may be unavoidable during old age. However, a high quality of life is still possible.

Tooth replacement may only involve a simple crown and is not always equated with a removable prosthesis or dentures.

Modern procedures in implantology allow for the highest level of chewing quality. Implants with minimal surgical intervention are also not visible recognisable as tooth replacements. We would be happy to advise you.

Tooth replacement treatment

Tooth replacement includes the following issues, which we would like to explain to you in detail.

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Implants
  • Inlays
  • Fixed prostheses
  • Removable prostheses

What are dental implants?

Implantat - Behandlungen informieren Sie sich dazu bei uns in der Praxis.

Implant & jaw bone

Dental implants are replacing the natural root of the teeth in from and function. The jaw bone accrues directly to the dental implant. Now a new, individually fabricated dental crown can be attached. This technique orientates itself on the perfection of the natural masticatory sytem.

A possitive side effect is that the dental implant trains the jaw bone. While chewing physiological stimuli are transferred into the bone.

This is just like the natural tooth and preserves the jaw bone.

No grinding of healthy teeth

Furthermore the dental implant carries the substitute dental crown - open spaces are thereby closed. With Implantology there is no need to grind the neighboring teeth, like it is necessary with conventional crowns. The natural dental substance of healthy neighboring teeth is unaffected.

Implants are made of pure Titanium with a special surface and will be perfectly fitted by our specialised dentist Sebastian Paudler in Erfurt. Dentures aided by implants patients at all ages are given the perfect alternative for restoring their full masticatory function and aesthetic harmony.

Special patient groups

Praxis Paudler gesonderte Behandlungen für Ihre Bedürfnisse in Erfurt.

Each patient is different…

Not all patients are relaxed when they visit the dentist. There are also situations that require special dental treatment or care.

During pregnancy, the body is particularly stressed. Children would rather play than go to the dentist. Differently-abled people rethink each stressful situation. Patients with anxiety only visit the dentist if they have no other choice.

The Paudler team is prepared for every situation.

Special treatments

Patients who need special treatment include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children and adolescents
  • Differently-abled patients
  • Older patients
  • Patients with anxiety

Treatment during pregnancy

Zähne müssen auch von Schwangeren geschützt werden Paudler Erfurt.

Does pregnancy require extra treatment?

Pregnancy is a special challenge. The teeth are under particular stress during this time.

Cavities and periodontal disease occur with greater frequency. Special hormones promote bacterial growth in the mouth.

During pregnancy, many diseases can be transferred to the child. Therefore, more attention should be given to oral hygiene and dental treatment.

Treatment for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the causes of tooth decay and pregnancy must be quickly eliminated.

  • Removal of tartar and plaque
  • Treatment of cavities
  • Root canal treatment
  • For pockets in the gums, non-surgical treatments with pregnancy-friendly antibiotics

Paediatric treatment

Zähne von Kindern brauchen besondere Pflege bei besonderen Bedürfnissen.

Children are not just small patients?

Children are more than just miniature versions of adults. A better understanding with the dentist and dental issues is required.

This means more time and patience as well as a more prudent treatment. Unfortunately, many children have an innate fear of dentists.

However, if children learn how to properly brush their teeth and visit the dentist regularly, there should be no reason to fear the dentist. Minimal appliances can help the adult teeth to grow correctly.

Treatment for children

Treatment of children includes the natural preservation of the baby teeth. If they are lost too early, this can have long-term consequences.

  • Prevention for children
  • Saliva tests
  • Instruction in oral hygiene
  • Check-ups with colour indicators
  • Tooth/fissure sealants, fluoride treatment
  • Dietary advice

Patients in wheelchairs

Unsere Praxis ist für jeden frei zugänglich da Behindertengerecht.

Dental treatment for differently-abled patients

The needs of differently-able patients must be taken into account. The team at Paudler Dental Practice in Erfurt has been specially trained to deal with such patients.

Thanks to the ground-floor lift, wheelchair users can easily access the dental practice. The Paudler Practice is directly approachable.

Because the special training and experience of the team, differently-abled patients can be readily treated. Even in the daily care at home.

Special service

An small extract

  • Access for differently-abled patients
  • Special advice on cures and auxiliaries
  • Help with self-help for daily care
  • Slow and understandable treatment
  • Adjustment of prosthesis aimed at differently-abled patients

If you have any question cencerning you disability that we should know about before treating you, we would be pleased to help you out.


Zahnersatz bei der Praxis Paudler - Qualität vom Zahnarzt garantiert.

Prevention up until old age

Good oral heath is also a prerequisite for well-being and a good quality of life for older patients. The Paudler Practice is therefore particular dedicated to the dental treatment of senior citizens.

The healing processes are generally slower than they were during youth. Dental treatment should therefore be approached with caution.

Using a preventative approach, with regular care and check-ups, you will experience minimal symptoms and will only require infrequent dental treatments. We will help you find the most suitable solution.

Treatment - focusses

An small extract

  • Age-appropriate dental treatment
  • Detailed advice on remedies and aids
  • Help with self-help for daily care
  • Slow and understandable treatment
  • Age-appropriate adjustment of prostheses

Patients with anxiety

Angstpatienten erhalten bei uns eine Behandlung nach Ihren Anforderungen.

Anxiety free dental treatment

We take the anxieties of our patients seriously. When our patients are able to laugh about their unnecessary fears, we know that our job is done.

We thoroughly explain the individual treatment steps so that patient will have a clear idea. Nobody likes to enter dental treatment blindly.

Various anaesthetics guarantee a pain-free dental treatment. Painkillers are also prescribed in order to minimise the pain in the days following treatment.

Practice - focusses

All dental treatments are possible because with the proper analgesia, you will hardly feel a thing.

  • Detailed advice on treatments and possible alternatives
  • Regular check-ups and minor treatments instead of waiting for a major problem to arise
  • Slow and gradual dental treatment

Centrally located in Erfurt

The state capital of Erfurt is located in the middle of Thuringia, and the Paudler Dental Practice is located in the middle or Erfurt.

We are well connected to all modes of transport. Whether it be on foot, with the bus or train, or by car.

The Paudler Dental Practice can always be quickly reached.

Because of its central location, after your appointment, you can enjoy a stroll through the scenic part of Erfurt.

Dental practice with modern skills

In addition to the latest materials and methods, quality dental treatment requires a competent team.

Dentist and dental assistants alike require a solid background and continual professional development. Only in this way can the Paudler team remain on the cutting edge of technology and research.

This is complemented by extensive dialogue with our patients. This dialogue not only helps to ensure your current well-being but also in our constant efforts for improvement.

No wish is left unfulfilled

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